What do all the address slots on an email mean?? When I compose a new email, it gives me the option to send it to someone but what is the CC and BCC fields for?? I’m just curious!

Some email service clients do not explain every line they offer when composing a new email.? The CC and BCC line you refer to are very important and I’m confident you will start to use them once you understand their functions.

When composing an email, generally the client will display 3 lines; To, CC and BCC.? The first is pretty self explanatory and is used to input an email address you’d like to compose an email to.

CC stands for “carbon copy” and will send everyone on that list a copy of your email that you’ve composed including the person in the To field.? If you wish to include multiple addresses, separate each email with a comma.? Anyone included on either the To or CC list will be able to see one anothers’ email addresses.

BCC stands for “blind carbon copy” and is more useful then CC.? Anyone put on this list (separate with a comma for multiple email addresses) will not be able to see who else has been included on the email list except for the user in the To line.

When sending an email, it is more polite to include someone on the BCC rather then the CC because most users would not like their email to be public information.? If you’d like, compose an email to yourself and then make the destination users to be the BCC list.? Composing an email this way will allow a user to only see your email and his/her email and make them feel more secure and private.

Great question!!