Just as everyone has their favorite time of year, retail stores and the holiday season, sports fans and the start of baseball season, hackers LOVE April fools day.

April fools is a day for hackers to use email pranks and hack friends email addresses to send out mass emails that dupe you into thinking its a fun little gag from a friend, but in reality, you’re in for a world of trouble.

Here are some tips to stay safe on the dangerous day of April fools.

There are many people who claim they do two things on day’s like tomorrow.? They either do not check their email, or just turn off their computer entirely, thus preventing any infection.? Most seem to forget that email is not perishable so it will still be there tomorrow when you turn your computer on!

Do not be scared, and don’t be fearful of your computer tomorrow, just be smart.? In the morning, make sure you check to see if their are any updates for your computer or your anti-virus.? Be sure your firewall is up and running and that your anti-spyware is in real time mode.

Screen emails, anything that’s titled “best april fools tricks,” or have the keywords, “open me, april fools prank on you, take a look at this…etc.”

If you’re really uncertain about an email, Google the subject before you open it.? The title may be one that’s generic to everyone and will be on the internet already.? The best method I use is to contact a friend before I open an email I’m unsure about, “Hey, I’m a bit paranoid about losing my computer…did you send this email!”

Stay safe and have a good April fools day!