I have a movie from a friend I want to convert to my iTunes library to make it usable on my iPod and my iPhone, how do I convert the .AVI extension on my Mac so it will show up in iTunes and then I can put it on my Apple devices?? Thanks for the help.

I wish they made a standard video converter so there was just one simple way to convert videos from one form to the other with the same program but unfortunately they do not.? There are hundreds of options to do so and every video converter is operated differently but should produce the same results!

The program I like to recommend is? 3GP Converter. Download it and and install it to your computer.? To finish the installation, make sure the language in the bottom right hand corner is in the desired language you are able to proficiently use.

Choose your output directory (where you would like the video to be once it is formatted) and the file format of MP4 for your iPhone or iPod.? They have other options to toy around with such as the quality for size, volume, etc…

Drag the files you want to convert into the box (input video) and wait for the files to be converted.? They will appear on the output directory you chose above, add those files into iTunes and you can now add them to any number of devices.