Everyone online shops today and scavenges to find coupon codes, discounts and sales.? Why not use Bing from Microsoft?? Bing.com is a (relatively/somewhat) new search engine to the internet, and while I don’t to say I use it over Google, I will gloat about its shopping benefits.

If you online shop, like to save money or just want to impress your friends, think Bing when you think about spending money online.

Bing has a cash back program that is unmatched by anyone.? Type a product or item you’re looking to buy in Bing’s search engine and watch as the results come up.? Look for a description (on ebay or store) that has the Bing cash back logo on the side.? That little golden circle with a dollar sign in it can save you volumes of money if you shop enough.

Cash back is a program that gives you money back for using its services.? It does not cost money, and is simple to use.? Click the cash back logo when you find a product, buy the item as you normally would, register for Bing cash back and collect your money after the waiting period quickly expires.? I was shopping online the other day for an $80 dollar product.? After a simple coupon and some Bing cash back, I was able to buy the product for $40 shipped to my door.? Bing played a huge role in my savings and it was barely any inconvenience at all.

Try it out, spread the word to a friend and start saving more by “browsing” right!