I keep getting a message that my computer is running low on virtual memory and I should close some applications to assist it or something.? Do I need to add more memory to my computer or is my computer slow?? Do I have too many programs open?? How do I get more virtual memory?

Virtual memory relates to both your RAM memory and your hard drive memory!? It is a good indicator if your computer needs more RAM memory and if you could help it out by giving it some more hard drive space in the mean time.

When real memory runs out in your computer, because you have an application open that might require more memory or you have tons of applications each taking a share of your resources, your computer will use “virtual” memory from your hard drive to try and keep your computer running at the level you desire.

To add more virtual memory, you need to tell your computer its okay to use more of the hard drive memory.? We’ll change your settings and you can add some more virtual memory to stop this message until you can add more RAM.

Right click on the My Computer icon by clicking the start menu.? Choose properties and open the new menu.? Under the Advanced tab, look for Performance and choose the settings option below.

Look for Virtual Memory, it is located at the bottom of the new tab and select the Change button.? Increase the new memory a couple hundred megabytes from what you normally had and see if that takes care of your issue!

You could always just close some programs that are not in use and that will help eliminate some of the burden to your PC.