Apple announced the termination and closure of popular music site where users could access music from computers over the air to stream to their devices.

iTunes music takes much longer to download on a phone or mobile device so downloading music from a computer and then connecting it to a phone through cable was a very attractive idea.? The use of Lala allowed users to stream music from their computer over the internet through a virtual cloud.

Apple shutting down Lala has had mixed reviews across the industry but most feel that they are confused by why Apple seems to shut down the website rather then modify it.? It will have to integrate with their music some how (it was not just bought for the domain) so why destroy a site that has had such successful user ratings.

Apple plans to credit back all users who bought music that could be streamed from a digital locker towards iTunes accounts, but I think I would be a bit more upset if I was a Lala user.? My decisions to buy phones or storage is based on my current needs.? If I do not need a phone that can support a large amount of storage, I might as well go for a phone that is small and lightweight without the extra bells and whistles.? Since Apple came along and announced a shutdown in about a month’s time…how do I get a new phone without agreeing to a new 2 year contract with my mobile company or without an upgrade?? I have to go to a store and purchase a memory card that might be too large for my phone to handle.

Apple should announce plans on what they intend to do with the new website quick before they get some angry people on their hand.? It seems apparent that they want to get more into cloud computing and streaming with the data they handle now, but I suggest they do it quicker or keep the public more aware.