My internet explorer does not run with the add-ons and says they are disabled whenever I try to use the program.? Is there anything I am doing wrong or is my computer infected?? How do I get my internet explorer to run with add-ons not disabled.

Internet Explorer has some funny settings but when the add-ons are disabled, it usually means a compatibility feature or interference with operation.

Let’s try a couple steps to get your computer back to running IE with add-ons.

The first thing to try is to disable your anti-virus program and restart your computer to see if it is interfering with the browser.? Try to disable your anti-virus program, reboot and re-open Windows.? If it does work, then you have a compatibility issue and should try to reinstall the anti-virus program you have on your computer.? Note: You should not browse or have an open internet connection without a good anti-virus or you will contract a virus or worse to your computer; this is only for testing purposes.

A second possible option is the browser may be out of date or you performed an incorrect upgrade of a newer version.? Download a new install file from the website and save it to your desktop.? Uninstall the browser from your Add/Remove Programs (IE is under Windows Components) and then re-install the software after a reboot.

Many times, when a newer version is installed, the upgrade instructions are not so clear and users are guided improperly on how to put on the new version which causes issues between older and newer files.? Either one of these two fixes should help you get your add-ons to work again!