Technology is always rapidly increasing and devices and computers are becoming smaller, faster, cheaper and easier to use.? The features of devices today are multi-functional and each device is slowly absorbing the role of two or more predecessors.

The other weekend, I helped a friend figure out how to put music on their cell phone and view Microsoft Office Documents and PDF files on the same device.? She was boggled by the idea of using her simple cell phone as an mp3 player and document viewer and today she uses them both as a replacement to her iPod and her printer.? What would you combine?

How much technology would you bundle if you could?? If someone showed you how to use your cell phone as a simple mp3 player, would you ditch lugging around your cell phone and iPod or other device to the gym?? Would you use it to view simple Word or Excel documents or PDF instructions while on the go?

What if I told you that the have devices on the market to get your TV channels on your computer monitor and use your computer hard drive as a “TiVo.”? Would you do it?

My challenge to some of you out there is to find how many devices you use a day and then condense one of them to see how much easier it will make your life.? Less charging, chords, transfers, transactions…blah blah blah and see what’s the best combination you can come up with.

If you need some help, post it here in the comments or use our helpful forums!? Good luck and happy geek’ing.