Android software and applications are on the rise with the growing number of Android devices calling for a demand of new applications.

With the usual games and banking applications on any mobile platform, Google is reaching above and beyond working with other companies to create even deeper applications that might help them gain control in the mobile market.

The recent application from Logitech caught my eye allowing your Google mobile phone to act as a remote control to your television.

Logitech already sells traditional powerful remotes that many users decide to replace stock TV remotes with, but what if you only needed your cell phone!? People would never have to worry about replacing batteries or losing your remote controls or having them squished underneath the couch!? It would be handy to use just your cell phone to control all the devices around you replacing unnecessary clutter.

While the iPhone has applications to control lighting and garage doors, the Android market is newer and uses that to their advantage.? I’d like to see them start making more application interfaces that control all the devices including lighting and television on a room to room basis rather then separate programs like the iPhone has.? Google’s sheer size and influences with other companies should push them to collaborate more with companies to push them to get on the Android network.

What companies would you like to see working with the Google Mobile Team?