More and more computers and laptops are being built with web-cams built into the display.? Most laptops today (unless from business types such as the IBM line) come standard with the small 1.3 mp cameras at the top of the computer.

Just two years ago, the idea of web-cams were just starting to move around with Skype’s user base very limited…oh how much has changed today.

The world is becoming more flat, largely in part to the increase in communication infrastructure.? Web-cams take it a step further with the ability to feel as if you are in the room with the very person you are trying to talk to.

Most college students use web-cams to stay in touch with friends around the nation and parents view it as a way to monitor their kids and verify that they are still alive from time to time.

Businesses use web-cams to make relations friendlier, speed up meetings or keep everyone more efficient.? Gone are the days where you can roll out of bed in your underwear and expect to make the million dollar sales…

Web-cams are also subject to a lot of attack by people who protest the idea that tons of sexual activity are transferred from these devices…and its an easy way for predators to make contact this way.? Sites like have gone up strictly on the use of web-cams…

Personally, I’ve used web-cams for personal use to keep up with friends as well as business settings…I still feel that they are relatively young in their integration in our world and the new iPhone was a huge step into the new world.

Your thoughts?