During a windows update, the computer lost power and will only load the window “Windows Update 3 of 3 do not shut down.”? The percentage never changes past 0% and the computer acts like it is installing but nothing is going on.? I cannot get to the start page or login use page at all…what do I do?

Losing power during a Windows Update is serious stuff because usually,?it is acting and updating system core files.? The problems that Windows Updates have caused are key reasons many people invest in UPS (universal power supplies) to protect their machine in case the power suddenly goes out.

If your power has gone out and caused the issue of re-cycling into a Windows Update screen, try a “Last Known Good Configuration” option.? When you restart your computer, press F8 repeatedly until it gives you the option to boot into Safe Mode, Safe Mode with networking…etc.? Look for the “Last Known Good Configuration” and see if that will let you boot into a desktop setting.? Then re-apply updates.? You could also try that with Safe Mode if the LKGC setting does not work.

If that fails, your next option would be to perform a repair installation.? It will use your computer disks to install the operating system again but it will NOT delete your personal data.? It will however wipe your system updates so you will need to re-do those.

For directions on how to perform a repair installation, visit this guide, choose your operating system and follow the instructions.