I’m having trouble using Internet Explorer 8 and some of the things that worked before do not work anymore.? I don’t know what happened or changed but how do I fix Internet Explorer 8?

Internet Explorer 8 is a much better browser than some of its previous siblings.? Let’s walk through some repair methods to get Internet Explorer working again.

The first step to repairing the browser is to try and reset the factory settings on the browser.? Microsoft suggests the reset with the following steps:

  • Start Internet Explorer.
  • On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
  • On the Advanced tab, click Reset.
  • In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click Reset to confirm.
  • This procedure will repair damaged files in IE7 and IE8.

    If that process does not work, you should try to reinstall the software.? First, I recommend downloading the installer and saving it to your desktop from the Microsoft website so you know the software is most pure.

    Download and save the link to your desktop, do NOT run it just yet.

    Open the control panel and look to remove Windows Components (look for Internet Explorer) and uninstall.? It may be in Add/Remove programs as well.

    Once the program is uninstalled, reboot and then run the new installer you downloaded!? You should be able to use Internet Explorer 8 just as you had before.