Have you seen those cool Windows 7 commercials where people always talk about their streaming devices and have their computer put a home video on their TV upstairs?

Microsoft Windows 7 has some very cool ‘hidden’ features which could give your home a huge kick in the technological butt.

Microsoft has a Play To feature in Windows 7 which essentially allows you to “play to” any device in your house hooked up to your network.

Couple this with a WD TD HD Live and you may have one of the best setups in town!? These devices all plug into your network (router) with an ethernet cord or wireless set up and then send information such as music and?videos/movies anywhere in the house!? The Western Digital box alone can look at clips from Youtube or Netflix.

The new Droid X has a cool DLNA capability which lets you stream from any of these devices so you don’t even have to get up from your chair to access a file on an external hard drive and put it on the TV!

Whose as excited as I am?