I constantly have a friend who is sending me event requests on Facebook or another who is inviting me to check their story on how they lost their fat.? How do I block invites on Facebook?

We all have ‘that friend’ who sends us 100 invites and abuse our friendship over the internet so they can make money on us.? Here’s how to fix those invites:

The only solution there is to stop these invites are to unfriend them on Facebook.

There is no way to block an invitation or future event invitations unless you block the source.? Navigate to their profile page and right below the picture there should be a place to ‘unfriend’ this person.

You should not feel bad someone abusing their Facebook friends and using them like a mailing list to promote their dumb products that they are getting paid for by sketchy companies looking to exploit social networking.

Let us know the count of people you’ve unfriended, we’ll feature your story here.