Are you trying to set up and configure your router but you do not remember how to get to the administrative panel or the password you set?? No worries, it’s easy to reset a Linksys router.

After you reset the password, you can set your internet again and protect the wireless signal so no one unathorized can get to it!

The first step in resetting your router is to unplug every cable that is plugged into the back of the router.? Make sure you know where each one went as you ill be plugging it back in soon.

On the back of the router, there will be a small reset button, most likely near where the power cord plugs in, that you need to press and hold for thirty seconds.? Use an end of a paper clip to press it in if the reset button is too small for your fingers.

Once it has been reset, you can plug back in the cords and open a browser that is on a computer HARDWIRED to the router (meaning there is a cord running from the router to the PC).?? Navigate to the router URL ( and open the administrative panel with the login credentials.? The login for old routers by default is a blank user name but the password is “admin” or on newer routers, both?us and password is “admin” (without quotes).

Change the router login password to something different than the default.? After that, reconfigure your internet and update your wireless encrpyption to keep out unwanted snooping neighbors.