Microsoft has a lot of great security features built into the operating system to help users become more experienced and more intelligent when it comes to their computers.

Microsoft allows people to know what is running on their computer and what types of programs are trying to run on a machine with their security warnings which pop up when a new program opens itself on the computer.

To some, it is a useful tool but to others it may seem a bit restricting and annoying.

Open the Control Panel in Windows 7 and look for the System and Security panel.

Look for the Change User Account Control settings where you will be presented with a slider that shows what level of security you wish to enable for this account.? Be aware that the lower the security you move towards, the less involved the computer will be on automatic defenses and more reliance on your own personal knowledge of computer security and safety.

You may be prompted to confirm your selection by entering in the computer administrative password.

You can also choose a setting of when to be notified about changes to your computer.? If you select
“never notify” you will be asked to confirm your password and then restart your computer.? Keep in mind that the firewall and virus alerts will still be present but any security warnings or prompt will now be disabled.