Do you have a folder on your Windows machine that you want to encrypt or lock to make sure no one without privileges is able to access it?

The need for security is growing today, especially as people are now using and storing their life’s data on one hard drive.

Be careful and keep unwanted data out from eyes who do not need to be looking at it and encrypt your folders.? I suggest password protecting your folders in Windows so you know who can look at them.

Navigate to the folder that will be encrypted in either Windows Explorer or via My Computer.

Right click on the folder and select Properties.? In the next tab that opens up, look for the Advanced tab.

There will be a header under Compress or Encrypt Attributes, where you can check the box “Encrypt Contents to Secure Data.”

The next time you log onto the computer, you’ll be prompted for password.? Once you log back in, you will be asked to input in a password to open the folder.

Use this encryption to protect folders that have old tax returns or work documents you bring home.? It will help to make sure folders aren’t left open or used by people on your computer who might not know the severity of the content.? As always, minimize how much content you store on a centrally used device.? If you have content that is very confidential, I recommend carrying it on a secure USB flash drive that never leaves your pocket or briefcase.