Owning a smartphone has its benefits besides having a browser at the ready or being able to play battletanks/check Facebook!

If you have an Android smartphone there are some productivity apps you should having installed to make the most of your experience.

Most of the apps I list below are for banks or other accounts; check with your providers for more information on how they integrate with your services!

Bank Apps- The big banks such as Bank of America or People’s…etc offer Android apps you can use to check your balance, make a transfer, pay a bill or other useful services that save you time in front of your computer.? They are safe to use and are made by the companies themselves.

Stock/Trading Apps- Use these applications to manage your portfolio while on the go.? Trying to make a trade while on the train to make a few bucks?? Using these apps make it a lot easier to maneuver then constantly re-loading and resizing a browser screen.

Office tools– Most Android phones come with pre-installed quick office tools to view spreadsheets, pdf’s or word documents on the go.? Verify your phone has them installed…if not, get on it.

Flashlight– Use your camera LED’s to shed some light at night while in a dark place.? I’ve found this useful when trying to walk outside for a bit or trying to find something around my car in between the seats.

ColorNote- Download these virtual sticky notes that you can pin straight to your phone background as a widget.? Put down quick reminders or grocery lists straight to your phone rather than trying to carry around papers that get lost easily.

Be more product using a smartphone on top of the occasional gaming or social networking!