If you have a wireless router, you may not be using it to the best of its ability.? Wireless signals are very picky with respect to various changes that could be made to strengthen a connection.

When setting up a wireless network, you must pay attention to specific details in order to make sure the router is being used to its full capacity.

In doing so, you will increase your network range, speed and eliminate most drop periods or unexpected loss of signal.

The first thing to evaluate is the positioning of your router.? Is it in a central location in the home?? A small signal strength will translate into slower speeds from the router.? A great example is with a three story home; the router should be on the second floor in the middle of the house.? Avoid places that are surrounded by brick walls or metal beams.

Another great way to strengthen a signal is to try and change the router frequency.? Most routers have a bunch of frequencies they can operate and emit a signal at.? In your router administrative panel, there should be a place to change the frequency.? Changing the frequency might help avoiding interference with other electronics in your house that operate at around the same frequency as your router (phones especially!)

There are products on the market that help spread a signal throughout the house.? A repeater will take a wireless signal that might be weak in one area of a home and rebroadcast it with full strength!? If you have issues with a weak signal in one area of the house that might be far from the router, it is always great to use a booster or repeater.

As always, check that the wireless adapter you are using is working properly and can get a strong signal if close to the router and that the router has updated firmware.? Updating firmware is like updating software for your computer or your drivers.? Check on the manufacturers website for new updates to firmware and install them via your router administrative panel!