Everyone should look at their privacy settings if they have a Facebook.? Facebook profiles contain information on there that needs to be protected.

In order to protect your privacy settings, you must understand what exactly you are looking to change so you don’t block out your friends and rather block out search engines!

The first step into changing Facebook privacy settings is to go into the privacy settings tab after you sign in.? On the top right hand corner, click on the drop down menu from Account until you see the privacy tab.

In the privacy settings, make sure you click on customize and choose which settings you wish to have for each group- whether that information be open to everyone, friends of friends, friends alone or “other.”? I have all of my settings on Friends so an unapproved guest could not start viewing my pictures and contact information.

Below that giant main screen, there is an applications settings link.? Click on it to turn off the changes to internet search engines.

In that menu, click on the last link for the “public search” settings and make sure it is unchecked to prevent search engines from linking your Facebook page to the public!

You’re good to go!? Browse around through some of the other settings and then pass along these instructions to a friend…you never know who you might help to protect!