Windows Live Essential is now available to download!? The wait is finally over for users who were waiting to upgrade from Live 2010.

Windows Live Essentials is a bundle of Windows Messenger, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Blogging Software, Mail client and so much more.

If you’re using Windows 7 or even Vista, you best visit that download link!

Windows Messenger now integrates Facebook chat so there’s no need to keep a seperate window open and have that annoying “pop” sound play over your speakers when trying to chat with some Facebook contacts.

Try out the Live Mesh which gives you an online 5GB storage with Microsoft’s Sky Drive features.? Use it to store some online pictures or home movies that you would like to carry with you at all times.

Windows Photo now has some interesting features for inexperienced users.? Think Photoshop is too confusing?? Give gallery a whirl and watch how easy it is to edit pictures.? Trying to take a family photo but everyone has trouble smiling or keeping their eyes open in one picture?? Use the fuse tool and pick and choose from each picture to make one seamlessly integrated picture!

As always, Windows Movie Maker and Windows Live Blogging software get a thumbs up in my book.? Both pieces of software make it very easy to video edit and update a blog, especially for those non-technical users who might not fully understand the ins and outs of the technical world.
Try it out and let us know what you think about the new Microsoft Live.