So you’re leaving your desk, but you need to keep your computer running…how do you make sure your files are protected?? Locking your computer while not in use is a great way to prevent unwanted user entry and is a perfect solution to keeping peeping-toms off your computer!

Mac’s are a bit different than Windows when it comes to locking the user profile; I think Windows does it a lot better and easier, but nevertheless a Mac can do the same thing with just some tweaking.

Open System Preferences in the dock tray at the bottom of your screen.? Click on the Security icon which should be on the top row and look for the option that says to “Require password to wake this computer from sleep or screen saver.”

You may have to unlock the preferences by clicking the small lock icon in the bottom left corner. It releases more options for you to cycle through and personalize your lock settings.

Now every time you leave your computer or set it to a screen saver, it will ask for a password to log back onto the screens you were working on!