Most Mac computers are ready to use out of the box with a good deal of the software pre-configured.

One thing I noticed about the Mac computer that was a bit different then a manufacture ordered Windows machine was how the Mac came with a blank desktop.

Macs are similar to the drag and drop icon to desktop as Windows machines are unless you drag an app straight from your applications folder to the desktop.? Here’s how to add that beautiful Macintosh HD straight to your desktop.

The nature of this post was actually born from when I opened my Mac and accidentally deleted the Macintosh HD symbol from my desktop.? It was fairly simple to re-enable this icon.

The first thing to do is to select the Finder icon (the icon that is a blue and white smiley face on your dock) and look to the navigation menu to open up the Preferences or just use the Command + “,” key (without quotes).

On the next window, select the Hard Disk option and instantly the new HD will appear on your desktop!? Configure it to show disks or external devices as well!