Need some help reading the small text on your screen?? Trying to zoom in and check your pictures for wrinkles or zits?! Microsoft Windows 7 has a built in magnifier *minus the Starter edition* to make parts of the screen larger or zoomed in as if you were using a real magnifier without any distortion!

Whether you need a portion of the screen or the entire screen itself blown up, the built in Magnifier offers a great option to help make the screen a bit more clear.

To open the Magnifier option, you could type in “magnifier” in the search bar and click on the first option or look in the Ease of Access folder in Accessories for the program.

An application will appear somewhere in the corner, it may be a small window, but keep your eyes peeled!? It’s the last time you will have to strain your eyes again.? If you decide to wait for about 5-7 seconds, a magnifier glass will appear on the screen as your pointer which you can use to scroll over objects on your screen to magnify them.? If you need to change the settings of the percentage zoom, click the center of the magnifying glass (>> part) and a menu application will open up.? This menu is where you can change the percentage of zoom or have the option to click on a Views menu to change whether you would like a full screen zoom (entire screen is larger), continue with a pointer lens or have the option to “dock” the zoom so half of the screen is a zoomed in and the other is normal.

If you need to exit out of the magnifier, press and hold the Windows logo key + the “E” key.
Check out the magnifier on some of your friends pictures…see what they are hiding!