The internet is full of secrets, whether its Google’s mysterious homepage animations and images all the way to secret games on

That’s right!? You read correctly, the video giant YouTube has a secret game hidden in their media players that you can take advantage of if your video player is loading slow!

When loading a video for YouTube, the black screen of anticipation may be your new best friend.? YouTube has a secret snake game that you can load and play while your video takes its time to buffer!

To see this secret game, load any video on the website and hit the pause button when it starts to play.? Immediately after that, press and hold the left arrow key and the up arrow key together.? This should only take a few seconds of pressing and holding them at the same time.

Be sure your video was paused, and then wait for the magic to appear on the screen as a little white snake will appear along with a flashing dot to use your arrow keys to navigate too.

All the same ‘snake’ rules apply, eat the dots for more points and don’t crash into the walls or yourself!

What other secrets of the web do you guys have to share?