I recently came across a post on the possibility that Apple announces a Verizon iPhone at the CES.? I thought it was my turn to take a shot at the rumors and give some more information to the curious readers out there if/when Verizon will be getting the hottest mobile product.

A Verizon iPhone would be a game changer in the mobile industry.? Not only would it give a huge shift in market power, it would translate into a massive amount of revenue for Apple and Verizon.? On top of all the money to be spread around, predictions forecast almost 1/3 of all Verizon users would make the switch…would you?

Verizon has no doubt inquired on what it would take to make the iPhone a phone they could sell.? For those of you who are new to this speculation, I’ll provide a little background information.

When Apple announced they would be creating this iPhone, they took their services to a bidding war between the two mobile giants; AT&T and Verizon.? Verizon did not like how much free will and space Apple was demanding so they let AT&T rope up the new smart phone.? About 4 years later realizing their mistake, they determined to make a push to get the most popular smart phone on America’s most popular mobile network.? The only problem is the contract Apple is reportedly involved with AT&T and the technology of the phone.

The iPhone runs on GSM technology with SIM cards and all that good stuff.? Verizon’s CDMA towers and technology would not be compatible with Apple’s product unless a new design was created to swap out GSM parts with CDMA compatible hardware.? From the reading I have done and sources I have talked to, it seems though that Apple has recently ordered tons of CDMA chips as well as ordered the construction of CDMA towers on its headquarter campus.

Steve Jobs is as secretive as they come.? Apple is known for having tight and lock down procedures to prevent leaks of products; consider the possibility of a Verizon iPhone as their crown jewel.? In my best opinion, you will not hear about a definite answer that the product is in fact in production until Jobs makes his keynote presentation like all products.

I personally do not think Jobs will announce a new phone at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year.? It’s too much of a shared spotlight and its too close to the holiday season to have missed out on the large shopping opportunity.? Verizon is also launching its new LTE technology that will improve data and download speeds (something Jobs has openly complained about AT&T’s lack there of) and it will be just too much packed into such little time.? I am confident that the iPhone will be coming to Verizon.? I think it will be a different design than the iPhone 4 currently out, as it will be marketed as the new iPhone 5.? The longer the time Jobs waits to announce the new product, the more features I expect to tie into LTE technology.

In all honesty, I see the iPhone announced in late January or early March.? Jobs likes to steal the spotlight as well as bump up his stock price and he has never shared that center stage with anyone else.? For those of you with upgrades, I suggest waiting till after January to gauge a better idea of whether the iPhone will cease to be a myth and start to become a reality.? With that, the release of new dual core Android phones with front facing cameras are starting to take the market by storm, and may prove to be a better phone and option than the iPhone.? Android will surpass the iPhone unless Apple makes a play to Verizon and I do not expect Jobs to let that opportunity pass him by.? Releasing a phone like that early in the year would surely allow for sales of over 20 million phones…(do the math out to calculate that beastly revenue) and will shift all the mobile power to Verizon.

Are you waiting for a Verizon iPhone?