The iPhone is the most popular cell/mobile device on the market.? With over 4 editions of the smart phone, users are bound to start purchasing newer models and retiring their old ones.

The iPhones are way too valuable to just throw away or shove in a drawer because they are still very capable and functional devices without a cellular carrier attached to the phone!

Use your old iPhone and convert it into a popular iPod Touch and give it to a loved one or use it as your music device at the gym.

The iPhone has the capability to hook up to a wireless network (wifi) and gain access to the internet.? If on a data plan with the appropriate AT&T carrier, the iPhone does not need to have a wireless network to get on the internet as it can travel through 3G to download apps or browse the internet.

The best thing I recommend for people who have these old phones that are just sitting around is to convert it into an iPod Touch.? Reformat the iPhone and do a security wipe using the reset button in the general settings tab of your phone and then plug it into a computer with iTunes to load on music!

The best part of the iPhone is that it can still get onto the internet to download apps or browse if the user has access to a wifi network.? This is perfect for kids because you can give them your old devices without wasting money on another mp3 player without the worry of giving them an unmonitored data plan.

The other alternative uses for an old iPhone…uh…paperweight?