The world is becoming connected through the internet and storage is a big part of it!? External hard drives are slowly moving towards extinction with NAS drives and Home Servers taking the lead.

While external hard drives are great for portability, most laptop and desktop computers are coming standard with larger size drives.? Internet speeds are also on the rise with the average download speed sufficient enough to pull large amounts of data in a respectable amount of time.? If you’re looking to take out that hard drive you paid for from an external enclosure, look no further.? The process is simple and leaves you with a perfectly good hard drive that you can put in a server or stand alone computer.

Before you proceed, opening a case or product of Western Digital voids ANY warranty and I do not suggest doing this if you need a warranty on your product.? Be aware of the risk before moving forward.

What you will need:

  • Screw driver
  • Narrow/Ultra thin flathead or a Credit Card

1) The first step is removing any security latches or latches holding the shell together.? On most Western Digital enclosures, on the bottom of the hard drive there are 4 rubber pads, the two closest to the front of the enclosure need to be removed.? Simply pull the tabs by pinching the rubber stopper between your finger nails and pull off.

2) Stick a credit card or a very very very fine screw driver along the edge and sides of the external hard drive case.? Push out gently from the sides until it becomes apparent that there is a separation from the darker side of the external and the lighter case.? You can pull and free out the sides from the hinges (sliding out does not work well due to the rubber stoppers inside and the tight fit).

3) Take out the plastic hook part inside the case that is connected to both the inside shell and the outer casing.? It might just fall out on its own, do not panic.

4) On the inside shell that holds the hard drive, twist off and pop out the inner backing, it should just slide off or be easy to twist and remove the hard drive out of.?? It’s the lighter material holding the hard drive in the center.

5) Once that has been removed, flip the hard drive over so you cannot see the writing on the hard drive. A metal shell will be on the bottom with two screws. Remove those screws and gently slide up the casing and pull it away from the parts. This circuit is connected to the hard drive connection and power ports so be gentle and do not yank this part away.

6) Once that has been removed, there is only 4 screws holding you away from your hard drive! Unscrew those and behold your new hard drive. You can verify the hard drive connections and type by typing the part into Google and finding out the configuration of your drive. Use this drive inside a desktop or …in my case…a home server.

Congratulations, if you need help putting this all back together…just follow the instructions in reverse!