Your computer is a safe haven protection of all your music, but what happens when your computer hard drive fails or you need to reformat and restore all of your music.? Sure the music you purchased is available again but the CD’s that you spent countless hours ripping onto your computer are not transferable that easy unless you backed it up on an external hard drive.

If your music is all on your iPod, you can backup and restore your collection straight from the source back onto your computer.? Here’s an easy, quick and free way to restore your music from your iPod back onto your computer.

There are manual ways that you can plug in your iPod and use the disk mode to go through the hidden files and folders to a music folder and copy all the songs and files from those folders labeled F0, F1…etc. back onto your hard drive.

There is software choices out there but they all require you to pay after the first 100 songs…not worth it.? The software choice I recommend today is GizmoRip.

Download it, install it and plug in your iPod.? Simply choose the songs you wish to download and your target download location (back onto your computer, maybe on the Desktop or in a music folder) and let the program do the work.

Once it is back on your computer, add it into iTunes if it is not done already and then I suggest you get an external hard drive or a home server to back up your music to again.? A home server (the link provided is a great way to build a cheap home server) that you can use to stream music to all sources in your home or remotely, as well as a central location to keep music through home sharing.