The HP Touchsmart 9100 is one of the most sophisticated All-In-One machines currently out on the market, mixing a nice blend of business and pleasure into one screen.

I had the opportunity to review this product last month and found it to have uncharacteristically exciting and new features that are not common for current touch monitors and computers.

The Touchsmart 9100 makes it very easy to replace your desktop with a powerful, stunning and surprisingly useful computer.

Design: The HP Touchsmart 9100 is a beautiful 23″ display, boasting a 1920 x 1080 resolution with full multi-touch capabilities.? The machine truly is an All-In-One included with built in wifi, so it’s easy to move this screen around the house or office if needed.? The mobility of this machine can be misleading as it has a powerful punch under the hood.

The model I reviewed had a Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.1 GHz, with 4 GBs of RAM and a 320 GB hard drive.? While the DDR3 was nice, I think a swap for the new Intel i-series processors would be better to make this machine a bit more green.

The design around the monitor was a nice silver to accent the black finish of the monitor.? It comes complete with card readers, an on/off and display settings change and an easily accessible back panel for all your inputs.? Unfortunately this PC cannot be serviced easily as taking off the back plate will reveal a complicated design.? I think this is where HP could improve their design (and they are in their next revision) to make a PC that can be serviced immediately rather than waiting for a technician to come out; they do offer next day on site service.

Hardware/Touchscreen: The hardware and design alone put this computer into a league of its own.? I have yet to see many other All-In-One machines pack as much of a punch as this 9100 with the processor and graphics combo.? While I do think, as said above, it can use a processor upgrade to something more current, the DDR3 and larger hard drive capabilities make it a winner.? It has the ability to run programs like Photoshop and stream Youtube videos like a champ.

The touchscreen on the whole was accurate for the most part, but it does not have the accuracy like a touch screen phone or tablet like we are accustomed to in modern world.? HP’s design for such a large screen would not feasibly allow for such an accuracy, plus it would take away from some of the hidden touchscreen features.? I surprisingly found out that the computer can sense how hard the input is, which can be adapted to such brush and stroke techniques for the apps designed with this machine.? Artists and editors alike can both be astonished by how accurate and useful those types of gestures can be over a more accurate touch.

Software/App Design: HP seemed to have taken a page out of Apple’s playbook with its software for the hardware push.? One of the most advanced things about this product is HP’s collaboration with a buyer.? They can design apps immediately that work hand and hand with this machine.

A famous example of how this app development coupled with the TouchSmart can change and advance a business is with HP and Project Runway’s collaboration.

HP helped Project Runway contestants design clothing (using some of the touch features I mentioned above like the sensitivity of the input) using a custom app designed strictly for these purposes.? If you think that same type of work could have been done on an iPad, a laptop or even a great desktop…think again; you need a touch monitor for that gig.

“NEW YORK, Sept. 30, 2010 ? HP spotlighted the integration of technology and fashion with a special design challenge from HP and Intel that aired tonight on Lifetime Television?s hit show ?Project Runway.?

Contestants were challenged to create original fabric patterns on HP TouchSmart PCs with Intel processors, drawing from personal stories and family photographs for inspiration. The one-of-a-kind fabrics were then constructed into stunning runway looks.

The winner of the HP challenge was Mondo Guerra, the 32 year old designer from Denver, Colo., who created a vibrant purple and black pattern.”

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Conclusion: With impressive hardware and a stunning design, HP delivered a great product for any home or business application.? While I think the hardware can be improved just a bit further to be more modern today, I think that any business looking to integrate technology into their future plans should check out the Touchsmart 9100.? It’s a great machine that comes with an HP warranty (although I would prefer the ability to do some of the hardware work myself), that can seriously streamline the way projects are approached and solved.? HP’s unique app creator and design for individual businesses and customers, specific with this PC as well, make it a winning combo between the software and hardware that has been a successful model before.