The Verizon Wireless Samsung Droid Charge is 4G phone poised to make a splash to those looking for a performer with a good 4G battery life.

Accompanied with a light design, a beautiful 4.3″ display and some cool extra features, this phone is packed for Verizon Wireless customers who do not need heavy power and like to have blazing fast data speeds.

Check out the full review and find out why we recommend the Verizon Wireless Droid Charge for your next phone!

Design: The Samsung Droid Charge is an incredibly misleading phone with its design.? Sporting a large 4.3″ screen, it measures a tall 5.11 inches by 2.66 inches wide by 0.46 inch thick.? Many expect this phone to be a heavy device, but it surprisingly weighs only 5.04 ounces.? It might be a bigger pocket bulge (length wise) but it shouldn’t sag your pants down further than your keys!? Samsung made the shell of this phone in plastic which brings an interesting duality: it’s light, but I wouldn’t trust this to stay completely durable and scratch/dent free for two years of your contract.? It does not have the heavy metal feel of its sibling, the HTC Thunderbolt, and in the future I would like to see Samsung add a finish to the back for gripping or some sort of texture change that doesn’t bring the weight of metal but the cheap feel of plastic.

The 4.3″ AMOLED screen on this phone is beautiful.? Turning on this phone is a head turner due to its brilliant 480X800 display and it’s almost flush finish to the surrounding screen.?? I recommend this phone for those of you who like to read documents, web pages, emails…etc for extended periods of time.

The outside of the phone features a single 3.5″ audio jack at the top with the power button on the right side, the rational there I imagine there would be the few of us who would be able to operate the phone in one hand and still have the finger length to reach the top of the phone to turn the screen on and off.? An added feature on this phone is the HDMI out below the power device which I am thrilled about.? Mobile devices, especially those that can utilize LTE speed, will be the wave of the future with Netflix support slowly making its way to all the Android, iOS and Windows Mobile platforms.? Sobering fact: You will have to buy the added adapter to use this HDMI out.? Sorry.? The bottom of the phone comes to a rounded point and the left panel sports the microUSB charger and large volume rocker that has some textured metal in the center which was well thought out.

Battery:? The good and the bad, depending how you look at it, is the phone is not equip with a dual core processor.? For most of us out there, this means a better battery life, and the best battery life that I have tested on an LTE device.? The HTC Thunderbolt did not have a realistic battery for users who did not like to carry a charger for a midday fill up, but the Samsung Charge should carry enough juice to get you through the day provided you’re not trying to play games or watch movies 24/7.? It’s not the best battery life out of any smartphone on the market, but it certainly fits the bill if you require 4G.

Software: It features TouchWiz- enough said.? I am not a fan of software that sits on top of the Android OS, but I guess TouchWiz has some cool features, like the 7 different panel customizable home screen, and the ability to pinch each home screen to view a smaller thumbnail of each and see what is running everywhere.? TouchWiz is simple enough for basic users or non technical users, but for those of you who like to have plain vanilla software or a clean interface, you may view this to be a bit cluttered and frustrating.

Camera: The Samsung Droid Charge features a great 8MP camera on the back with LED Flash and a 1.3MP camera on the front for video calling.? Every phone should feature at least these specifications and the 1.3MP camera on the front fits in nicely with the new ability to use Skype Mobile to video chat with friends around the world.

Misc: The phone has features, such as HDMI out and a front facing camera, that elevate it to the top tier of current 4G LTE smartphones on the market.? The only detraction that I would place on this phone is a plastic durability issue on the outside shell as well as the lack of dual core processors and the Samsung TouchWiz software that lays on top of the Android Smartphone.? There is exceptional cell voice quality and the battery is still the best in the business when it comes to 4G LTE devices.

Overall😕 If you’re OK with a plastic shell and do not plan on doing some heavy data computation on a single core phone, the Samsung Droid Charge is easily one of the best 4G phones on the market.? The battery life for an LTE phone is great, and it supports a beautiful 4.3″ AMOLED screen which is an eye opener every time you turn it on.? At $300, this phone is more on the expensive side for some of its features, but I think it’s worth checking out for users who are looking to have cutting edge LTE support and a powerful phone that does not sacrifice too much battery life.