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For those of you who are sure they are upgrading to the new Verizon iPhone, and are not going to wait, as I covered here,? you can upgrade to the new iTunes 10.1.2 that supports the CDMA iPhone! Download the new iTunes straight from Apple, where in the documents portion of the install you can […]

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With the Verizon iPhone announcement this month, there has been a stir whether or not to invest in the iPhone 4 or wait for the new iPhone 5 that is expected sometime in the summer. Apple typically has a 1 year cycle time for each iPhone so that puts the iPhone 5 to be released […]

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Your computer is a safe haven protection of all your music, but what happens when your computer hard drive fails or you need to reformat and restore all of your music.? Sure the music you purchased is available again but the CD’s that you spent countless hours ripping onto your computer are not transferable that […]

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Well the wait is finally over it seems…Verizon is expected/should announce the iPhone 4 tomorrow at a press conference in New York. While this has been the most anticipated partnership in current modern tech history, I’m a bit surprised at the hype over the technology they are releasing.? Don’t be mistaken, as a Verizon customer, […]

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The iPhone is the most popular cell/mobile device on the market.? With over 4 editions of the smart phone, users are bound to start purchasing newer models and retiring their old ones. The iPhones are way too valuable to just throw away or shove in a drawer because they are still very capable and functional […]

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Windows 7 is becoming a new industry standard, boosting the Microsoft reputation after a shaky Windows Vista operating system.? While it’s hard to ignore the growth of Apple computers and their OS X operating system platform, Windows still has a huge market share over OS X on a vast number of applications and software. Mac […]

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Forgotten passwords are a pain on any level, from email accounts to IM accounts.? Out of all the account passwords you could forget, the worst, by far, has to be the password to log into your computer! I’d like to point out that EVERYONE should have a password to login to their computer and never […]

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Most Mac computers are ready to use out of the box with a good deal of the software pre-configured. One thing I noticed about the Mac computer that was a bit different then a manufacture ordered Windows machine was how the Mac came with a blank desktop. Macs are similar to the drag and drop […]

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Steve Jobs is at it again; another live Apple event is tomorrow at 1 pm EST / 10 AM PST. There is tons of speculation on what will be announced at the live event tomorrow, but the theme of the event is “Back to the Mac.” Before we go off and talk about a Verizon […]

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How to Lock a Mac

So you’re leaving your desk, but you need to keep your computer running…how do you make sure your files are protected?? Locking your computer while not in use is a great way to prevent unwanted user entry and is a perfect solution to keeping peeping-toms off your computer! Mac’s are a bit different than Windows […]

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