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One of my least favorite things when installing a newly updated version of software is having extra bloatware that bombards my screen when I relaunch the application. The new version of iTunes 10 has some new sidebar gadgets and trinkets that come pre-installed and launch themselves automatically assuming the user will integrate into the new […]

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USB drives and external hard drives are becoming exceptionally cheap and their large storage size makes them attractive options instead of previous DVD and CD writable media. If you are looking to install or re-install Mac OS X onto a computer that does not have a native DVD drive (such as the Macbook Air) or […]

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Are you experiencing a really slow start up on your Mac computer? Whether you are running Windows or Mac OS X, every computer has a list of programs that are run when your computer first boots into the desktop.? Due to this nature, the computer may start up much slower due to the large number […]

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I’ve been asked the iPhone vs. Droid question for quite some time and it truly does come down to “personal preference”.? I found two interesting posts made by other authors with one leaving the iPhone for an Android?and the other saying he can’t leave the iPhone. Personally, I think it comes to a couple of […]

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Along with a new 12 core Mac Pro and a new iMac, the guys at Apple are at it again releasing their magic trackpad.? This magic trackpad is no ordinary trackpad (hence the name ‘magic’) and supports full multi-touch capabilities similar to the ones found on a MacBook Pro. The trackpad comes with wearproof material […]

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iPhone 4 users: Get your Free Case from Apple to solve your dropped call problems. While this will not fix the dropped calls on the AT&T side, it will address the notorious antenna issues from the iPhone 4G. The case will add some size to your iPhone but its better than talking and then just […]

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Firefox Home on the iTunes app store is now labeled with the “naughty content” waring so beware!? Before you go on further thinking that the ‘naughty content’ on this app has any meaning, please know that it is poor judgement on behalf of Apple. The new application from Firefox allows iPhone and iTouch users to […]

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As if Microsoft needed any more hurdles, especially in the mobile market, executive Kevin Turner added one. At a keynote address, Turner said,?”It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I’m okay with that,” poking fun at the operating system that got the most scrutiny at Microsoft.

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iPad Alternatives

Looking for iPad alternatives?? Not ready to shell out the extra money it costs for an Apple product? Check out the forums at Anandtech?which have some Android alternatives.? Some of these devices are even a bit smaller than the iPad but also lack a couple key features like multi-touch.

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How do I unlock my iPod?? I do not remember the code that I set it too and it’s been a while since I’ve turned it on. I’ve done a post on this in the past but it looks like it hasn’t stuck so I thought I’d make another as a review for those who […]

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