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We are just 5 days away from the first day of spring! The spring season is most famous for its call to cleaning, and what better place to start than your computer! We all forget how computers, just like our desks and closets, need to be cleaned; externally and internally. I’ll be going through a […]

Does your computer fall asleep on you when you leave it for a minute?? Does it ever cut out or shut down when you close the lid and you’d like to leave it running? Desktops and laptops are being configured to save more power and energy by either going to sleep or hibernating once they […]

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Go green with your computer!? Saving power, energy and ‘going green’ has been the big term these past few years and Windows 7 made it pretty easy to do so. Seriously, when was the last time you really went into your power settings and configured when you want each part of your computer to turn […]

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Everyone always asks, “is it better to leave a computer always on or shut it off when you’re not using it.”? Before I dive into my thoughts about it, I’d like to state that anyone using a huge gaming rig that has one of those 700W PSU supplies in them should think twice about leaving […]

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Ever wonder how to clean your grimy LCD screen?? Have too many finger prints on your laptop monitor because you touch the screen while opening or readjusting? Dirty and dusty LCD screens are disgusting and no one should have to suffer the pain of trying to watch a movie or view the web while on […]

I was with a friend this past weekend who was complaining about his computer.? Naturally I thought it was generic computer slow down or even some spyware, but when I saw heard his next symptom, it shocked me to believe he continued to use his machine. My friend told me that his computer was playing […]

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Making your computer faster is easy and quick to do.? Most operating systems have built in tools that you can use to regularly speed up your PC. If you want a faster computer, try to use the following steps and you will notice better performance from your machine.

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Fake positive infections are becoming a growing security threat within themselves across the cyber community today.? A fake positive is any warning or advisor that flashes a pop-up or message that claims your computer is infected with a virus or malware,? but in reality, you’re not under attack from the accused infection. The security threat […]

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I have a portable work computer that I always bring around with me to many locations and I am constantly on different networks all the time.? Is there anyway I can run something online, such as a free online virus scanner that can help me maintain a virus free machine!? If anything happened to this […]

I recently put in a 650 Watt power supply on my old Dell XPS that has a GeForce 8800 GTS video card (the 512mb version).? Is there anyway to actually get a rough estimate of what it uses as a wattage because I was told the 650 is too much for that but I was […]

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