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The new Droid X phone has some incredible features along with a powerful and sleek design. The Google group is at it again starting the war with the iPhone 4 with a hilarious advertisement about the recent iPhone troubles. Check out the advertisement and try to contain your laughter.

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There’s a new wave of smart cars on the way as giant computer tycoon Intel released a new prototype for their version of a ‘smart car.’ While this small car looks weak and clown like at best, do not be fooled by its small exterior.? It packs a huge punch (feature wise) under the hood. […]

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How do I unlock my iPod?? I do not remember the code that I set it too and it’s been a while since I’ve turned it on. I’ve done a post on this in the past but it looks like it hasn’t stuck so I thought I’d make another as a review for those who […]

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Apple had their Keynote press today at 1 PM EST and rocked the house with the official release of some fantastic products. Before anyone calls me an Apple fanboy, I suggest you read up on some of the notes from the release; new iPhone, OS, iPad updates and innovations to the mobile market. Apple keynotes […]

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Technology is always rapidly increasing and devices and computers are becoming smaller, faster, cheaper and easier to use.? The features of devices today are multi-functional and each device is slowly absorbing the role of two or more predecessors. The other weekend, I helped a friend figure out how to put music on their cell phone […]

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Video game consoles have come along way from the early SNES consolde and duckhunt (classic game) to the XBox 360 and the Halo series.? Nintendo continued its product line with the Wii and while companies are still making minimal games for these products, the growth of the video game industry is on the decline. I […]

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It looks as if the iPhone to Verizon is no longer a possibility in the near future due to information disclosed by both Apple and AT&T. A contract signed by both parties until 2012 was shown to the public and meant to show that a possible iPhone for the Verizon network was not scheduled for […]

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I’ve been hearing things about a new iPhone and it being found somewhere?? Is this true or is this a hoax by someone?? How does an iPhone like that just wander out in the middle in the open and get picked up by someone and what are your thoughts on it? The new iPhone (or […]

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Where do I find the hotspot app for the palm pre plus?? I tried looking for it in my download apps but I do not see it so I don’t know where it is located.? Is it loaded in a different place or is it a setting I need to turn on? Mobile HotSpot is […]

The Apple iPad is set to be released tomorrow and the expectations for the new Apple device seem to grow every hour. The Apple iPhone and iPod Touch were foundational devices in their own due to the “apps” that were developed for each device, but I can’t help but wonder what the new iPad will […]

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