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Well the wait is finally over it seems…Verizon is expected/should announce the iPhone 4 tomorrow at a press conference in New York. While this has been the most anticipated partnership in current modern tech history, I’m a bit surprised at the hype over the technology they are releasing.? Don’t be mistaken, as a Verizon customer, […]

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Home servers are becoming really popular in households across America for the functionality and features they provide, especially with the new Windows 7 Operating System. Home servers allow you to store all types of data which are accessible anywhere in the world, including media (music, movies, pictures…etc).? A home server is essentially a computer that […]

The world is becoming connected through the internet and storage is a big part of it!? External hard drives are slowly moving towards extinction with NAS drives and Home Servers taking the lead. While external hard drives are great for portability, most laptop and desktop computers are coming standard with larger size drives.? Internet speeds […]

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Ever want to share files across all the computers in your house but have no idea how to set that up between computers? Been on the road and decide you want to watch a movie on your phone or pull some data off your home computer from your laptop? Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives are […]

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The fine folks at HP sent us a review unit of the HP Compaq 6005 Pro to play around with and I have to say I was pretty impressed. HP designed the ultra slim form factor PC for the business product line, so naturally they kept to a very small frame which is about the […]

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Earlier this week, I had my monitor “break” on me, but it wasn’t showing the usual symptoms.? The monitor was working a few ours before I stepped away from my desk, but when I came back, it would flicker the desktop when I turned it on but go to a completely black screen after two […]

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If you have a wireless router, you may not be using it to the best of its ability.? Wireless signals are very picky with respect to various changes that could be made to strengthen a connection. When setting up a wireless network, you must pay attention to specific details in order to make sure the […]

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Desktop or Laptop

Do I buy a laptop or a desktop computer for my next machine?? I am not sure if laptops are just replacing desktops and if I should just not waste my money on a desktop or if they are still better computers.? Thanks. Laptops are becoming more prevalent in the tech world today, becoming the […]

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DLNA and PlayTo

DLNA and PlayTo are great features coming out in the technological world that will revolutionize the way you connect and integrate media in your life. DLNA and PlayTo(Windows 7 Feature) are essentially those fancy ways that you see in movies which allow you to send a song or a movie from your computer to your […]

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Buying ink is an expensive and a tedious process.? There are hundreds of models on the market each ranging from cheap to outrageous…how do you know which one is right? Ever wonder why some ink can be so cheap while the counterparts are so overpriced? Make sure you’re buying the right ink and that you […]

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