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Facebook pages are becoming increasingly popular, from students and friends to companies and websites making fan pages!? *Cough join us… As these pages grow, they need more help to take care of and ‘administer’ so naturally a plausible question is how to make someone an admin on a Facebook page!

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Ebay is a wonderful tool; you can buy items at a fractional cost or sell unwanted junk to people who will pay top dollar for it!? Ebay can be more powerful for the average user if you know how to properly navigate and unlock its hidden properties.? It also helps to understand the scams and […]

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Everyone should look at their privacy settings if they have a Facebook.? Facebook profiles contain information on there that needs to be protected. In order to protect your privacy settings, you must understand what exactly you are looking to change so you don’t block out your friends and rather block out search engines!

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Ever get annoyed by all those advertisements that pop up on web pages?? Try using an advertisement blocker on your browser to remove them or block their annoying flashy banners. Ad blockers also help speed up your internet connection (or at least it gives that impression).? Flash advertisements and banners are objects that have to […]

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Every website needs to support itself to maintain costs, with advertisements as a great way to raise some capital to help with server and other license fees. Vibrant advertisements are a very popular choice for advertisers to use on their website.? They leave a double line at the bottom of a highlighted word and when […]

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Are you confused about your internet speed?? Thinking about moving your home service provider to another company but are you still a bit unsure about if you are really getting a better bang for your buck? Internet speeds can be a bit confusing at first but it takes a brief 5 minutes to understand exactly […]

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Almost one year ago to this date, I wrote an article about the most dangerous celebrities to search for on the internet due to malware, spyware and viruses attached to their high search engine rankings. Jessica Biel was honored with the award last year with Brad Pitt and famous ex, Jennifer Aniston took a tied […]

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The Internet holds a vast database of information waiting to be plucked and manipulated to show you the answers you are looking for.? I’m confident most of our users use the Internet to stay in touch with friends and update their social networking sites, but did you know the Internet could help you save money […]

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Hi, I had a friend tag a photo of me on Facebook and I want to untag myself from it.? How do I do it so that it will not show up in my pictures? Tagged photos on Facebook is a bit annoying because you have to constantly make sure your friends do not tag […]

I constantly have a friend who is sending me event requests on Facebook or another who is inviting me to check their story on how they lost their fat.? How do I block invites on Facebook? We all have ‘that friend’ who sends us 100 invites and abuse our friendship over the internet so they […]

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