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Smartphones are spreading like wildfire in the market with around 40-45% of all mobile users choosing an internet connected device over a featured phone. With many new manufacturers switching their product like to more smartphone oriented devices, the age old question arises: Is it time to upgrade to a smartphone? There are several factors to […]

The Motorola Xoom was launched early this year with a hardware and software combo rumored to dethrone Apple’s iPad series. Loaded with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), a new Tegra 2 chip and some of the best engineering a tablet can get, Motorola introduced a product that not only beat the iPad line, it buried it. Looking […]

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The HTC Thunderbolt is the newest 4.3″ powerhouse to enter the Android family with the addition of support for Verizon’s new LTE network. Borrowing familiar 1 GhZ single core Snapdragon processor from similar devices, the Thunderbolt brings a much more crisp and flush design with a kick stand in the back for easy dock-like features. […]

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AT&T has set its sights on becoming the largest GSM network in the US and it’s taking the steps to do so.? AT&T announced that they are in the mix for buying T-Mobile USA for an estimated $39 billion dollars ($24 B in cash and $15 B in stock – about 8% of the company). […]

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For those of you who are sure they are upgrading to the new Verizon iPhone, and are not going to wait, as I covered here,? you can upgrade to the new iTunes 10.1.2 that supports the CDMA iPhone! Download the new iTunes straight from Apple, where in the documents portion of the install you can […]

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With the Verizon iPhone announcement this month, there has been a stir whether or not to invest in the iPhone 4 or wait for the new iPhone 5 that is expected sometime in the summer. Apple typically has a 1 year cycle time for each iPhone so that puts the iPhone 5 to be released […]

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Well the wait is finally over it seems…Verizon is expected/should announce the iPhone 4 tomorrow at a press conference in New York. While this has been the most anticipated partnership in current modern tech history, I’m a bit surprised at the hype over the technology they are releasing.? Don’t be mistaken, as a Verizon customer, […]

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Samsung Galaxy S phones have been a rave around the world with Samsung reporting that it has sold over 10 million of these devices.? Verizon Wireless sent us the new Continuum and the innovation and design behind this phone is bold and completely new.? The new Continuum features a ticker screen at the bottom of […]

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Verizon’s Motorola Droid Pro is a phone released to entice Blackberry users to switch over to the new Android platform. Motorola created the Droid Pro with a keyboard so users could have the convenience of fast typing or large amounts of typing on a keyboard that is very familiar to Blackberry users. The keyboard itself […]

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The iPhone is the most popular cell/mobile device on the market.? With over 4 editions of the smart phone, users are bound to start purchasing newer models and retiring their old ones. The iPhones are way too valuable to just throw away or shove in a drawer because they are still very capable and functional […]

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