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HP ZR30w Review

In today’s world of fast processors and huge hard drives, most new computers seem to be very similar to one another.? Peripheral devices and other I/O devices are the new way to beef up your PC as well as separate you from the pack! The HP ZR30w is the new slim, sexy and affordable 30″ […]

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Ever want to share files across all the computers in your house but have no idea how to set that up between computers? Been on the road and decide you want to watch a movie on your phone or pull some data off your home computer from your laptop? Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives are […]

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The fine folks at HP sent us a review unit of the HP Compaq 6005 Pro to play around with and I have to say I was pretty impressed. HP designed the ultra slim form factor PC for the business product line, so naturally they kept to a very small frame which is about the […]

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The new Motorola Droid X has certainly left a good first impression on the world of reviewers, and has put up staggering numbers on the sales chart.? Within the first week of sale, it has already been pushed back to an August 3rd ship date due to the high demand numbers, similar to the HTC […]

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Microsoft came out with their newest beta release of Office 2010 and allows free beta download for any user! Microsoft Office 2010 brings a whole new array of tools to the table and completely revamped features to bulk up on the powerful suite. If you’re an Office user currently, grab the download today and install […]

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A new iPhone and iPod Touch application was launched this week that will revolutionize cell phone and wifi enabled hardware as we know it.? Cell phone providers better watch out, because this type of application is exactly what the industry fears will knock them out of business *if they don’t keep up*. Line2 is the […]

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Our friends at Verizon Wireless were kind enough to send us one of their prime netbooks, the HP Mini 11.6″ 311.? It holds an Intel Atom processor with nVidia’s ION graphics series, a great combination! Verizon threw along their data package into the netbook they sent so I had some fun playing around with this […]

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One of the largest features for the Palm Pre Plus from Verizon Wireless is the Mobile Hotspot application.? This dandy little program will allow you to spread your data and internet connection from Verizon Wireless to other devices by broadcasting your own mobile network. Earlier this week, my wireless router passed away (the wifi radio […]

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If you read my first impressions on the HTC Imagio you’d know that I had some mixed feelings about the HTC Imagio’s touchscreen. Now that I’ve had some more time to use the Imagio, my impressions of it haven’t exactly changed all that much, but I now at least have a better idea of what […]

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Just a few years ago if you bought a “smart phone” you basically had two choices: Windows Mobile or Palm OS. Nowadays you have a whole slew of choices from iPhone OS, Blackberry OS, and Android. Choosing a mobile OS is a highly personal choice, and while Android has been getting a lot of attention […]

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