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The Kill.AV Trojan virus is a low threat but a threat nonetheless.? The virus is a low threat as it won’t due much to your machine but it will open up a window for other adaware and spyware to download itself onto your computer. The Trojan Kill.AV can include a keylogger to monitor what you […]

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Hi, I just got infected with Antispy Safeguard but I am not good at removing these things and it will not uninstall.? How do I remove it?? Is it bad or is it a good program?? Thanks, no answers online seem really clear. Antispy Safeguard is a fake program that resembles a real computer cleaner […]

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Do you have the wuauclt.exe process hogging up tons of memory on your computer?? Are you unsure about this process and think that wuauclt.exe may be spyware or malware? Before you go off deleting this process or freaking out that you are infected with some sort of new virus, make sure you are certain that […]

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Almost one year ago to this date, I wrote an article about the most dangerous celebrities to search for on the internet due to malware, spyware and viruses attached to their high search engine rankings. Jessica Biel was honored with the award last year with Brad Pitt and famous ex, Jennifer Aniston took a tied […]

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Cell phone security is a growing market due to the reliance we put on our mobile devices. Whether it be the office emails or your bank information, our cell phones are becoming more like our present day computers and the information that each phone has is becoming more and more valuable. This past week, I […]

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Microsoft has a lot of great security features built into the operating system to help users become more experienced and more intelligent when it comes to their computers. Microsoft allows people to know what is running on their computer and what types of programs are trying to run on a machine with their security warnings […]

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Firefox Home on the iTunes app store is now labeled with the “naughty content” waring so beware!? Before you go on further thinking that the ‘naughty content’ on this app has any meaning, please know that it is poor judgement on behalf of Apple. The new application from Firefox allows iPhone and iTouch users to […]

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Never Store Passwords

For those of you who store passwords on your computer and let it auto complete your login information, consider yourself warned. There is a new tool out on the market that allows users to discover and instantly reveal stored passwords on Windows machines

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Social media is the newest victim to malware and malicious activity.? The large growing popularity of each site has claimed the attention of hackers and malicious software around the world. The size of the user groups are the most attractive to spyware and virus spreaders as they are targetting more numbers whom are bound to […]

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I forgot my Yahoo! password and I do not know how to recover it?? What information could I possibly give them in order to recover my password back?? Please help me, I have email I need to respond to! A forgotten password is common as the technological age is forcing us to create more passwords, […]

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