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How to Read a QR Code

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses.? Whether its a marketing ploy, or simply a way to give out more information, many places are starting to employ QR codes due to the exponentially increasing usage of Smartphone devices. ? A QR code (quick response code) is a square barcode looking box that you can […]

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Your computer is a safe haven protection of all your music, but what happens when your computer hard drive fails or you need to reformat and restore all of your music.? Sure the music you purchased is available again but the CD’s that you spent countless hours ripping onto your computer are not transferable that […]

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Windows 7 is becoming a new industry standard, boosting the Microsoft reputation after a shaky Windows Vista operating system.? While it’s hard to ignore the growth of Apple computers and their OS X operating system platform, Windows still has a huge market share over OS X on a vast number of applications and software. Mac […]

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The other day, I deleted all the music off my computer after I reformatted my computer, but of course, I made sure I had a backup on my external hard drive. When I went to restore the files from my external back to my laptop hard drive, I discovered the “computer ghosts” were at it […]

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Eclipse is my personal favorite IDE, especially for Java development.? Not only does it provide a great UI, it has countless features that make it one of the best IDE’s on the market; best of all, its free! One useful tool when working on a project is the ability to use an SVN to store […]

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One of my least favorite things when installing a newly updated version of software is having extra bloatware that bombards my screen when I relaunch the application. The new version of iTunes 10 has some new sidebar gadgets and trinkets that come pre-installed and launch themselves automatically assuming the user will integrate into the new […]

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Windows Live Essential is now available to download!? The wait is finally over for users who were waiting to upgrade from Live 2010. Windows Live Essentials is a bundle of Windows Messenger, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Blogging Software, Mail client and so much more. If you’re using Windows 7 or even Vista, you best visit […]

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USB drives and external hard drives are becoming exceptionally cheap and their large storage size makes them attractive options instead of previous DVD and CD writable media. If you are looking to install or re-install Mac OS X onto a computer that does not have a native DVD drive (such as the Macbook Air) or […]

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If you’re not a geek, knowing about the latest and greatest updates to all software programs out there might not be as interesting as it sounds to me, but there are programs that every computer user should know about. These programs help you stay safe, share data and be a bit smarter when it comes […]

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Losing a product key or an installation CD for expensive software can be a big hassle.? They make re-installations of the software seem impossible and improbable.? In the tech world today, most software is available for instant download via the internet or trial versions are released by providers which can be activated to full editions […]

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