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If you have ever bought software (operating systems) online, you might be familiar with the tedious process to convert the instant .iso file into something you can use. Windows 7 is available online and has an instant download of an .iso image. An ISO image is a mirror image of the DVD but it needs […]

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Do you have the wuauclt.exe process hogging up tons of memory on your computer?? Are you unsure about this process and think that wuauclt.exe may be spyware or malware? Before you go off deleting this process or freaking out that you are infected with some sort of new virus, make sure you are certain that […]

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Do you have a folder on your Windows machine that you want to encrypt or lock to make sure no one without privileges is able to access it? The need for security is growing today, especially as people are now using and storing their life’s data on one hard drive. Be careful and keep unwanted […]

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Are you on a computer that is shared by multiple users?? Do you have some files you would like to protect or make sure stay where they are and do not get accidentally deleted? Learn how to lock and password protect a folder in Mac OS X so your files stay confidential and in place […]

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How to Open .rar Files

A friend sent me a .rar file and I’m not sure if it is save to use or save to open.? Also I’m not really sure how to open the file since it is not unzipping.? How do I open the file? Rar files are an archival file format that is similar to a ZIP […]

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Windows 7 SP1 Beta

Microsoft announced the Windows 7 Beta ahead of schedule for the Windows OS that has been receiving tons of praise from avid users. While the service pack does not add on any revolutionary functionalities, its mainly a source for users to have all the separate patches and security fixes in one download which assures a […]

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During a windows update, the computer lost power and will only load the window “Windows Update 3 of 3 do not shut down.”? The percentage never changes past 0% and the computer acts like it is installing but nothing is going on.? I cannot get to the start page or login use page at all…what […]

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Android software and applications are on the rise with the growing number of Android devices calling for a demand of new applications. With the usual games and banking applications on any mobile platform, Google is reaching above and beyond working with other companies to create even deeper applications that might help them gain control in […]

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Microsoft came out with their newest beta release of Office 2010 and allows free beta download for any user! Microsoft Office 2010 brings a whole new array of tools to the table and completely revamped features to bulk up on the powerful suite. If you’re an Office user currently, grab the download today and install […]

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A friend just gave me their Android phone and it has some of their old data and loaded software and programs they have on.? How can I reset the Android phone to factory settings and make it so it is completely brand new?? I want to remove all settings and downloaded applications. Wow, keep that […]

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