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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of my favorite holidays because you can grab a lot of great technology for a fractional of the normal cost! Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined make up a huge amount of the holiday sales for tons of retailers throughout the country and if you’re in the market […]

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Cell phone security is a growing market due to the reliance we put on our mobile devices. Whether it be the office emails or your bank information, our cell phones are becoming more like our present day computers and the information that each phone has is becoming more and more valuable. This past week, I […]

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The Internet holds a vast database of information waiting to be plucked and manipulated to show you the answers you are looking for.? I’m confident most of our users use the Internet to stay in touch with friends and update their social networking sites, but did you know the Internet could help you save money […]

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More and more computers and laptops are being built with web-cams built into the display.? Most laptops today (unless from business types such as the IBM line) come standard with the small 1.3 mp cameras at the top of the computer. Just two years ago, the idea of web-cams were just starting to move around […]

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New laptops and desktops are being designed with 3D display video cards for a whole new level of computer experience.? Imagine playing any video game on your full tower or portable machine in 3D with quality as good as theaters! nVidia is the first to start this process with the release of some of their […]

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Technology is always rapidly increasing and devices and computers are becoming smaller, faster, cheaper and easier to use.? The features of devices today are multi-functional and each device is slowly absorbing the role of two or more predecessors. The other weekend, I helped a friend figure out how to put music on their cell phone […]

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Video game consoles have come along way from the early SNES consolde and duckhunt (classic game) to the XBox 360 and the Halo series.? Nintendo continued its product line with the Wii and while companies are still making minimal games for these products, the growth of the video game industry is on the decline. I […]

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What are your thoughts on car technology?? Why does car technology and electronics seem like its so far behind from what I sit in front of on my desk. Car technology and electronics is a popular field that seems to grow exponentially each year.? Our earlier cars had a basic speedometer, a radio and maybe […]

This morning marked the pre-order day for the Apple iPad and I’m hoping no one woke up at 8:30 AM EST to order one.? I assure you, there will be plenty of these products that were rushed out of R&D. I still can’t believe even after all the early criticism the iPad received, that Apple […]

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Are you watching TV shows, movies and live events on your computer more than your actual TV? Is it the lack of time, lack of commercials or convenience that has recently driven me to watch more of my favorite TV programs on my computer rather than my actual television! Watching shows and live events on […]

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