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The new Windows 8 Customer Preview is finally here! Microsoft released the customer preview for its newest operating system Windows 8 earlier last week in Spain.? The obvious successor to a successful Windows 7, Microsoft now aims to couple an offering that blends the tablet, smartphone and desktop environment to one mold. Download a copy […]

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Windows 8 Boot Options

The Windows 8 boot experience has changed dramatically. Not only does it offer a cleaner visual experience, but offers full support for touch screen devices. Even from the command prompt. Watch this short video from the Building Windows 8 blog: Reengineering the Windows boot experience

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This application failed to start because uxcore.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem” or uxcore.dll Not found Download the Windows Live Uninstaller (wlarp.exe). Save to Desktop, Download folder, or other convenient location Click wlarp.exe to run Select Repair all Windows Live programs

Desktop icons that load very slow in Windows XP are annoying when you first boot up your computer. Icons that load slow can be fixed so that you can speed up how fast they show up on your desktop when you reboot or start up your machine. If you have a computer that loads each […]

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Over the past couple months, we’ve done two posts on how to create a cheap home server and a much more powerful server that can serve an entire network (home or small business). Computers on a network today are no longer only Windows machines as Apple has provided some stiff competition with their OS X […]

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You’re monitor runs at an optimal resolution that it might currently not be displayed at.? The optimal resolution will display the computer images at the best possible clarity and sharpness that the monitor can do. If you are having a difficult time reading things on the screen or would like larger or smaller icons, adjusting […]

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Home servers are becoming really popular in households across America for the functionality and features they provide, especially with the new Windows 7 Operating System. Home servers allow you to store all types of data which are accessible anywhere in the world, including media (music, movies, pictures…etc).? A home server is essentially a computer that […]

Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 was announced as the new successor to the original Security Essentials suite found on many Windows computers.? Microsoft was aiming to develop a more comprehensive piece of software that was lighter, faster and easier to use while cutting out some of the unnecessary features from the original security suite While I […]

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Windows 7 is becoming a new industry standard, boosting the Microsoft reputation after a shaky Windows Vista operating system.? While it’s hard to ignore the growth of Apple computers and their OS X operating system platform, Windows still has a huge market share over OS X on a vast number of applications and software. Mac […]

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Does your computer fall asleep on you when you leave it for a minute?? Does it ever cut out or shut down when you close the lid and you’d like to leave it running? Desktops and laptops are being configured to save more power and energy by either going to sleep or hibernating once they […]

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