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Microsoft has a lot of great security features built into the operating system to help users become more experienced and more intelligent when it comes to their computers. Microsoft allows people to know what is running on their computer and what types of programs are trying to run on a machine with their security warnings […]

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10 Fun Microsoft Facts

Ever wonder how Microsoft got its name or how they came up with the first sound? Check out this post here for some fun facts about the Tech Giant, I bet there is something in there you might not know!

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As if Microsoft needed any more hurdles, especially in the mobile market, executive Kevin Turner added one. At a keynote address, Turner said,?”It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I’m okay with that,” poking fun at the operating system that got the most scrutiny at Microsoft.

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Windows 7 SP1 Beta

Microsoft announced the Windows 7 Beta ahead of schedule for the Windows OS that has been receiving tons of praise from avid users. While the service pack does not add on any revolutionary functionalities, its mainly a source for users to have all the separate patches and security fixes in one download which assures a […]

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Steve Ballmer is in the hot seat as he has acknowledge Microsoft falling behind its competitors.? Windows 7 was great, but its out of the mainstream media and the public has been waiting for Windows 7 mobile since last year. Trying to stir up some new life for Microsoft, Ballmer announced Microsoft’s new emergence in […]

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Have you seen those cool Windows 7 commercials where people always talk about their streaming devices and have their computer put a home video on their TV upstairs? Microsoft Windows 7 has some very cool ‘hidden’ features which could give your home a huge kick in the technological butt.

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During a windows update, the computer lost power and will only load the window “Windows Update 3 of 3 do not shut down.”? The percentage never changes past 0% and the computer acts like it is installing but nothing is going on.? I cannot get to the start page or login use page at all…what […]

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Ever purchase or use a prepaid cell phone?? The simplicity of the entire process is almost beautiful.? Walk into a store, find a phone, purchase some minutes and walk out. The simplicity of these phones might be on their way out as government officials are concerned about the anonymous ability of someone being able to […]

I am trying to backup my Vista computer to a network drive and get the message: “The network share could not be accessed for the following reason: No mapping between account names and security IDs was done. (0x80070534) Please ensure the network Location is valid.” I had to do some research to figure out your […]

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Microsoft came out with their newest beta release of Office 2010 and allows free beta download for any user! Microsoft Office 2010 brings a whole new array of tools to the table and completely revamped features to bulk up on the powerful suite. If you’re an Office user currently, grab the download today and install […]

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