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You can win an Apple iPad 2 from What the Tech and Vonage Time to Call! What is the Time to Call ? App? ? Pay per call and talk up to 15 minutes to 100 countries for $1.99 or less? ? For an additional 90+ countries, talk up to 15 minutes for $2.99 to […]

The landline has been on its way out for the past few years with the expansion of the mobile market.? Vonage took the battle one step further delivering a crushing blow to the landline with the addition of their new Time To Call iOS VoIP app that does not require Vonage service. For those who […]

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Your phones contact list is becoming more and more important as we strive towards a mobile world.? We are stating to deal with more business on our phones and tablets than our computers, so the central contract list we hold on our smartphones, like our iPhone are vital and a loss of data could be […]

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How to Read a QR Code

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses.? Whether its a marketing ploy, or simply a way to give out more information, many places are starting to employ QR codes due to the exponentially increasing usage of Smartphone devices. ? A QR code (quick response code) is a square barcode looking box that you can […]

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The Heur.Dropper virus is a low threat level trojan that has a reputation to cripple anti-virus products such as AVG. While it is not one of the most malicious pieces of malware to have on your computer, it should still be removed before it causes any performance issues or worse!

Desktop icons that load very slow in Windows XP are annoying when you first boot up your computer. Icons that load slow can be fixed so that you can speed up how fast they show up on your desktop when you reboot or start up your machine. If you have a computer that loads each […]

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Ever have an embarrassing text message pop up on your iPhone’s home screen that becomes visible to the people around you?? Have a snooping family member who likes to read text messages on the home screen as they arrive? Locking an iPhone, similar to locking an iPad, is one way to protect your texts that […]

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How to Backup Your GMail

Backing up your hard drive has hopefully become a second nature task to any user with valuable data on a computer.? It would be devastating to lose all your data that you have accumulated over the years, so its a wise choice to keep a second copy just in case something happens to go wrong. […]

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HP 100B AIO Review

With the computing world moving towards compact desktops, or touch responsive devices, HP’s new line of Touchsmart PC’s and AIO (All-In-One) computers have found a nice niche in the market. Earlier in the year we reviewed the HP Touchsmart 9100 which had some very cool features for a touch screen device.? HP sent us the […]

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Smartphones are spreading like wildfire in the market with around 40-45% of all mobile users choosing an internet connected device over a featured phone. With many new manufacturers switching their product like to more smartphone oriented devices, the age old question arises: Is it time to upgrade to a smartphone? There are several factors to […]

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