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A new or formatted computer is always exciting because it helps restore the machine’s original speed. A solution for many slow problems with a computer can easily be solved and fixed by reformatting your computer hard drive and wiping off all your old programs and data that were hogging vital system resources.? The only problem […]

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The HTC Thunderbolt is the newest 4.3″ powerhouse to enter the Android family with the addition of support for Verizon’s new LTE network. Borrowing familiar 1 GhZ single core Snapdragon processor from similar devices, the Thunderbolt brings a much more crisp and flush design with a kick stand in the back for easy dock-like features. […]

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AT&T has set its sights on becoming the largest GSM network in the US and it’s taking the steps to do so.? AT&T announced that they are in the mix for buying T-Mobile USA for an estimated $39 billion dollars ($24 B in cash and $15 B in stock – about 8% of the company). […]

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Microsoft is finally ready to release Internet Explorer 9 to its official launch stage.? The beta and RC copies have been out for quite some time, but its official tonight at midnight EST. Download your copy here tonight and let us know what you think!? We’ll have a review coming along shortly!

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An email account is one of your most important assets to hold as it plays an important role to bridge an instant way of communication to the world. Choosing the best email provider is important because providers today offer much more than just an ‘inbox’ for a bunch of emails to sit in. Whether you […]

Facebook has had constant changes over the past few years, introducing new features and redesigns of their popular website. Out of those changes, a new photo viewer has emerged with a large black rectangle framing around the picture itself.? This theater view has been subject to a popular amount of criticism that shockingly enough has […]

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iPad vs. iPad 2

Apple announced their new iPad 2 whch served as a replacement to the original predecessor iPad. The new iPad 2 was not as big of an update as I thought it should be, which makes the original iPad a worthy purchase to look at now that their retail value will be coming down to remove […]

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In the market for a new laptop?? The industry standards have changed as laptops have advanced and completely changed with the evolution of more powerful smartphones and tablet machines taking some of their business. Buying a laptop today is a completely different search than it was 6 months ago, so if you’re looking for a […]

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Over the past couple months, we’ve done two posts on how to create a cheap home server and a much more powerful server that can serve an entire network (home or small business). Computers on a network today are no longer only Windows machines as Apple has provided some stiff competition with their OS X […]

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Earlier this year, we did a post on how to build a cheap and inexpensive home server, using an Intel Atom which is a low power consumption processor.? The one problem with that build is that it lacks some real processing power you need to transcode and stream media on the fly or if you […]

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