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I keep getting a message that my computer is running low on virtual memory and I should close some applications to assist it or something.? Do I need to add more memory to my computer or is my computer slow?? Do I have too many programs open?? How do I get more virtual memory? Virtual […]

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I installed RiyoCodec to watch a video online. Well, now I realize that was a mistake as it installed something else, and now all my Google searches are redirected. How can I remove RiyoCodec?

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A trojan is a malicious application that appears to do one thing, but actually does another. Like it?s name sake, the mythical Trojan Horse, malicious code is hidden in a program or file that appears useful, interesting, or harmless. Popular examples are video codecs that some sites require to view online videos. When the codec […]

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An international crackdown on Internet financial scams this year has yielded more than $2.1 billion in seized fake checks and 77 arrests in the Netherlands, Nigeria and Canada, U.S. and other authorities said on Wednesday.The scammers, often West African organized crime groups, use ploys such as “spam” e-mail offering to pay recipients “processing fees” for […]

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Most Americans believe their computers are protected against viruses and spyware, but scans found that a large number had outdated or disabled security software, according to a poll released on Monday. Fully 87 percent of Americans polled said they had anti- virus software, 73 percent said they had a firewall and 70 percent said they […]

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Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have developed an online game designed to teach Internet users about the dangers of phishing. Featuring a cartoon fish named Phil, the game, called Anti-Phishing Phil, has been tested in CMU’s Privacy and Security Laboratory. Officials with the lab say users who spent 15 minutes playing the interactive, online game […]

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Mozilla Corp. updated the preview of Firefox 3.0 to alpha 8 late yesterday, unveiling for the first time to users several security features it’s talked up for months. Among the security provisions debuting in the new alpha of “Gran Paradiso,” the code name for Firefox 3.0, are built-in anti-malware warnings and protection against rogue extension […]

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The savviest hackers lock middlemen into long-term service contracts so they can automatically push the newest exploits on unwitting consumers and compensate for patches developed by legitimate programmers. The agreements ? not unlike contracts between software powerhouses such as Oracle Corp. or Microsoft Corp. and their corporate clients ? leave a trail of code that, […]

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Zango, an online media company, came up short in its attempt to force an anti-virus company to reclassify its “spyware” tag for the company’s adware. The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington ruled in favor of Kaspersky Lab, granting the security company immunity from liability in a suit filed by Zango. According […]

We have to admit, it was delayed a few times, mostly because we always had some new feature we wanted to implement in mind, but now it’s finally here: we’re proud to announce the availability of Spybot – Search & Destroy 1.5. This new version features a lot of improved detection mechanisms (which in parts […]

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